Mesh Banners are commonly used in situations where there might be high levels of wind because of their hollow material design, meaning they have an advantage over conventional PVC Banners that are heavier and do no allow for windy conditions. It is quite normal to see mesh banners being used in the following areas:

  • Building site enclosures
  • High on scaffolding structures
  • Fences that are open to the elements
  • Or any area where there is a need for a banner and its in a windy environment.

Mesh banners are not solid, therefore, allow a high percentage of wind to pass through them, thereby, reduce the tension that the banner is put under avoiding the ‘Sail’ effect.

The other advantage of using mesh banners over normal PVC banners is that they are obviously a lot lighter than PVC banners.

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Mesh Banners For The UK

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