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Benefits of Poster Printing for your Business

poster printing

Posters are an excellent format to get your business’ marketing/advertising message across. Whether you’re looking to advertise inside or out, the versatility of posters allows you get creative and sign and prints have provided five key reasons printed posters should play a part in your advertising and marketing campaigns.



Posters come in a range of sizes, whether you’re looking to print for an outside billboard or simply advertise your services in shop windows, printed posters are an excellent way of getting your message out there to reach potential customers.


At sign and prints, we print posters in high resolution (1440dpi), full colour for colour rich posters of excellent quality. This guarantees a premium poster, which is waterproof and scratch and fade resistant, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


Posters allow for design creativity; a necessity for any printed poster design is to include a clever call-to-action that encourages your audience to carry out an action such as getting in touch via phone or accessing your website or heading straight to your shop to qualify for a top offer.


Posters can be placed almost anywhere, size depending of course. Cleverly placing posters in the eye line of potential customers to ensure their engagement is vital. Often posters placed where people are likely to queue (from motorway billboards to bus stops) will capture the attention of your audience out of boredom and curiosity.


If you’re planning a promotion posters are sure fire way of raising awareness of your offer. The versatility of posters allows for placement almost anywhere, in multiple locations ensuring your product or services become fixed in the minds of your potential customers, drawing them in to see what the hype is all about.

At sign and prints, we specialise in a wide range of printed marketing collateral, offering poster printing across London, Essex and the rest of the UK. We provide posters that are printed on a high quality gloss, self adhesive, digital photo vinyl that are perfect for sticking to a wide range of flat surfaces.

We also offer a laminate option with all our poster printing. Laminate is an effective way to protect posters and prints, shielding against fading, fingerprints and other contamination.

For further information about our poster printing in London, get in touch with our friendly Essex-based team on 01375 464 947.

Ensure Brand Recognition with Printed Clothing

Printed clothing Essex

At sign and prints, we specialise in printed clothing. Branded clothing plays a huge role in brand recognition. When members of the public see your brand emblazoned across clothing, it will likely spark intrigue. This can promote your brand as having the approval of others.  

Beneficial Uses for Printed Clothing

We have provided some ways your brand can benefit from increased brand recognition with printed clothing.

Staff Uniform

Ensure all staff members wear items of branded clothing during work hours. This can range from branded t-shirts, printed hoodies or sweatshirts to ensure brand recognition and promotion.

Promotion at Events

If you’re heading to a networking event, promotional clothing such as printed t-shirts can ensure your team stand out from the crowd, which focuses attention on your brand.


Send free promotional t-shirts to loyal customers or those spending over a certain amount. It will do wonders for encouraging repeat orders, after all who doesn’t love a freebie.

Competition Time

Engage your customers and followers in a competition hosted across your social media pages. Offer your stylish promotional t-shirts as prizes to reinforce your brand identity.

At sign and prints, we are professionals in branded clothing. This includes personalised t-shirts and custom hoodies. Our professional printing service not only delivers a range of customised printed clothing but also PVC banners, pop up banners, Foamex board printing, custom sticker printing, shop window stickers and poster printing.

At sign and prints, our friendly, helpful team will happily offer advice before you  complete your purchase. For information on printed clothing in Essex, London and UK wide, get in touch with us on 01375 464 947. We provide a free, no obligation quote for printed t-shirts in Essex. We also offer free delivery on all orders over the value of £100.


Sign and prints – Printed Products London

printed products LondonAt sign and prints, we specialise in producing printed products London. Since we started operating we have produced an endless array of printed products for a wealth of different customers, ranging from members of the public to small businesses and charities to large corporations.

Each customer brings with them a fresh, unique request, which our professional team at sign and prints will strive to complete to the highest quality, ensuring we match your expectations.

Printed Products

Printed products provide the ability to spread a message you want to capture the attention of your audience. We offer an array of quality products, specialising in producing printed clothing, banners and roller banners, sign boards and posters, stickers and flags. The sign and prints website allows you to place your order for printed products and upload your artwork through our easy to use artwork upload tool. From there we take care of the rest, printing your order using our state of the art printers to produce your request to the highest possible standard.

Printed products perform an extremely effective marketing function at a relatively low cost. Choosing to use sign and prints will ensure your professional identity is maintained, with the ability for us to have high standard printed products delivered on the same day your order is placed if requested.

Based in Essex, we pride ourselves on producing custom printed products of exceptional quality. For quality printed products visit www.signandprints.co.uk today to view the products we have to offer at competitive prices. We have a knowledgeable, friendly customer service team in place at sign and prints who will be happy to offer you professional advice on the printed products that we offer, before you buy. Why not get in touch with us to discover more about printed products London? Call us on 01375 464 947 today for the information you require today.

Printed Roller Banners London

Roller Banner Printing London from £38.00

printed roller banners london

At sign and prints, our printed roller banners start from as little as £38.00. We offer free delivery on pop-up banner orders that are over £100. We produce professional printed roller banners customised with your artwork. Artwork can be uploaded via our easy to use artwork upload tool.

Printed Roller Banners London

The benefits of pop-up banners is that they are lightweight and portable. They use a flexible graphic panel attached to a spring loaded roller. The printed roller banner winds round this, which makes this type of banner easy and convenient to transport. To display your banner you simply pull the banner up to show your custom design. Then you must securely fix the banner in place when the graphic panel is taut.

Printed roller banners are quick and easy to set up. They are perfect for use at exhibitions and events to promote your company’s image. They help to ensure potential customers are attracted to the business offerings you are there to promote.

Take at look at the printed roller banners and pop-up banners we have to offer for use with exhibition displays. We have an exclusive service available for your urgent, last minute orders. Upon receipt of your urgent order we ensure it is produced and delivered the same day.

Roller Banner Printing London

sign and prints offer printed roller banners and pop-up banners in London and UK wide. We offer a large variety of printed roller banners, from our budget range starting at a mere £38 to our deluxe pop-up stands available at competitive prices.

Our first class service guarantees high quality pop-up banners that won’t disappoint. As standard we offer scratch and fade resistant printed roller banners made from PVC banner material. These blackout roller banners are produced to the highest possible finish that are printed at 1440 DPI.

For more information about printed roller banners by sign and prints get in touch with our friendly customer service team. Call 01375 464 947 for assistance with any questions you have about roller banners for delivery in London or UK wide.

Branding: The Power of Stickers

Vinyl-Stickers-LondonBranding is important to businesses of all sizes. Creating and maintaining a consistent brand identity is valuable for building a successful marketing plan and you don’t always have to think big to make an impact.

In this competitive world it’s vital to take every opportunity to promote your business to gain success and survive.  Custom made stickers are an excellent way to raise awareness of your brand; they allow businesses to get creative, market themselves without significantly denting their budget and to get their brand out there.

Custom stickers can be taken for granted, here are some key ways stickers can work for your business:

Create Brand Awareness

Being remembered is vital for all businesses. When building a business, having a name that stand out or a memorable logo can ensure your business stands out from the crowd. However, often that alone is not enough, quirky marketing can really ensure you get stuck in the minds of your target audience.

Visual marketing is a powerful component for today’s marketers. Utilising stickers for visual effect can work wonders because it doesn’t matter where you are, you can carry them with you and always find a purpose for them, be it sticking them to surfaces to handing them out, stickers have the power expose your brand to a vast audience.

Inform your Customers

Stickers don’t have to merely present an image. Style and content is everything. Custom sticker printing offers you flexibility to print stickers with relevant text to raise awareness of what your business is all about. Sticking stickers to product packaging can grab the attention of potential customers and ensure they take note of what you are selling. Stickers presenting wording can offer compelling reasons for purchasing your products. Allow the style of your sticker to grab attention and ensure the text you present continues to hold the attention of potential customers.


When fulfilling orders businesses should consider adding something extra before posting to ensure they are remembered next time or even referred to friends and family. Including something extra, however small can stick in people’s minds and strengthen relationships with customers. Including stickers with a customers’ order can ensure they remember you next time and who knows, those that use the stickers could see you being exposed to a whole new customer base.

Add a Call to Action

Get customers to take action by printing stickers with a compelling reason to do so and increase the audience that directly engage with your business.

At sign and prints we produce, vinyl stickers, window stickers, vehicle graphics and wall stickers at affordable prices and for urgent orders we can deliver on the same day. We provide high quality sticker printing and support you with excellent customer service. Get in touch if you have any questions regarding your order, call 01375 464 947 for all your sticker printing needs.

Roller Banners: A Buyers Guide

roller banners essex

Roller banners are an excellent, cost effective way of promoting your business, brand, products or services. Creating an eye catching design for your pop up banner is vital, to generate an impact and ensure you deliver an effective message to your target audience.

At sign and prints, roller banners, pop up banners and exhibition stands are what we produce every day, which is why we are offering you some of expert advice based on years of experience working with businesses at all levels of the spectrum.

1.       Make the Right Choice:

Roller banners can be created at varying prices based on the quality of materials you are looking. We produce lightweight banners or we can offer stronger models, with a wide selection of roller banners available the key is to make the right decision based on the purpose of the banner.

2.       Budget:

The price you pay for your roller banner will be relative to the quality of the materials you select. Better quality materials are more expensive, therefore considering the purpose of your promotion will dictate the amount of money you need to spend. For example, if you need a roller banner that will last for a long period of time or are an exclusive brand it’s likely you will pay a higher price for deluxe roller banners as opposed to budget options.

3.       Stand out from the Crowd:

  • Position your logo at the top of your roller banner to ensure your brand can be seen and stands out at a busy event
  • Use quality hi-res graphics to ensure a quality finish once printed
  • Use brief bullet points that capture essential information and keywords that are likely to grab the attention of your intended audience

4.        Know how to Handle your Banner:

While quick and easy to use, make sure you know how to put up and take down your roller banner. There’s nothing worse than arriving at an event and having to faff around trying to set up your stand. It’s also worth us telling you that roller banners can last for years when handled with care, offering the potential for you to recycle them time and again.

At Just Customise It, we produce high quality roller banners and pop up banners in Essex. We offer budget roller banners to Deluxe pop up stands at competitive prices and if you spend over £100 we even offer free delivery.

As standard our roller banners are made from scratch and fade resistant blackout PVC banner material and have the highest possible finish, printed at 1440 DPI.

For more information about roller banners, pop up banners or exhibition stands, get in touch with a member of our friendly, helpful team who can offer expert product advice before you place your order should you have any questions. You can reach us on 01375 464 947 to discuss roller banner printing in Essex.

3 Top Tips when Purchasing Printed Banners


PVC Banner EssexAt sign and prints, we understand better than anyone that bespoke printed banners are an effective part of a company’s marketing campaign. Printing banners can be used for a multitude of reasons from promoting existing products or services, to advertising promotions to raising awareness of a new business to name a few. Before purchasing bespoke printed banners there are a series of choices that need to be made, take a look at the sign and prints top tips below if you are considering promoting your business through banner printing.

 1. What’s the purpose of your printed banner?

Deciding to implement printed banners as part of your marketing campaign poses other questions for your consideration. Considering the purpose of your printed banners will call for the following decisions to be made:

  • Indoor or outdoor banner?
  • Single or double-sided printed banner?
  • Temporary, seasonal or permanent banner?
  • Position of your printed banner. Will it hang from a ceiling or roof, wall or flag pole, on a building or on a stand?

Materials and size are also important considerations when you consider the purpose of your custom printed banners. We have covered these areas in more detail below.

2. Choosing the right materials

If you are considering a banner that is to be placed outside, materials need to be able to withstand the elements. Vinyl banners and PVC banners are popular choices when printed banners are to be used for outdoor events. The positives of using these materials for your printed banners include durability and weather resistant.

At sign and prints, we use eco-friendly solvent ink to ensure high quality graphics that are protected from the elements come rain or shine.

3. Size is everything

Printed banners need to be visible in order to ensure your message gets seen by the intended members of the public. Consider your intended location for your printed banner to establish not only what size the banner itself should be but also the size of the printed graphics and text. Getting the font size correct is vital to spreading the word of you business’ promotion and often it is considered wise to create a mock up banner first to ensure the chosen font size can be seen by those passing by.

At sign and prints, we are experts in providing printed marketing collateral in London. Our professional printing service delivers a range of customised printed products from PVC banners to pop up banners, from Foamex board printing to custom sticker printing, from shop window stickers to poster printing.

At sign and prints, our friendly, helpful team will provide advice before you buy. For more advice and information on banner printing in London you can get in touch with us on 01375 464 947. We offer a free, no obligation quote for printed banners in London and provide free delivery on all orders over £100.

Importance Of Customised Printed Merchandise For A Business

manImportance Of Customised Printed Merchandise For A Business

What are the benefits of using printed merchandise in business? This is a frequently asked question among entrepreneurs that wish to use such materials to expand and grow their business from local to a regional and global scale. Printed clothing hoodies are some of the most common customized merchandises that are used by businesses to market products and services.

Here are genius ways of using them to better your business.

Reward loyal customers and employees:

A sure way of maintaining your current customers is by rewarding them for their loyalty and continued support. Send them quality customized printed merchandise especially during the festive seasons. Additionally, you can use merchandise to reward employees who exhibit high levels of performance and diligence in their work!

Boost sales:

The main essence of investing in any marketing strategy is to generate the much needed sales.  A sure way of achieving this is by seeking the services of an accredited printing agency that offers banner printing UK services to companies in and around UK. Be sure to discuss all the details before they start printing to get it right. Most professionals provide initial samples before producing the merchandise in bulk. Hence, it’s wise to critically look at them before proceeding.

Finally, make sure your product campaign project is aligned to your business objectives and goals. Incorporate the cost of purchasing the customized merchandise in your financial plan to get the most for your money.