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Pop Up Banner Stands | Cheap Pop Up Stands

Pop Up Banner Exhibition Display Stands (915mm x 2150mm)

All of our Pop Up display stands are constructed in an ‘A Frame’ design, made from lightweight aluminium. They will come with a fill-colour PVC Banner of your design.

Its construction is very simple using a push fit part, allowing it to be constructed both inside and for outdoor use.

You can opt for either a single sided or double sided stand.


Clear selection

When you need a larger Pop Up Display Banner than our simple smaller, lightweight banners, we recommend looking into using something a little more ridged and robust and that is what our stands will do for you.

All of our frames come with a full-colour PVC Banner, which can be designed by your own artwork or by us. This smaller version is a cheaper option to the large Pop-Up Exhibition Display stands that we produce.

Our Pop Up Stand Features

  • All of our Pop-Up banners come with a standard carrying case
  • There are no additional tools that are required to assemble the stand
  • The stands are suited to banners with eyelets or Mesh Banners
  • We supply ground pegs as standard for use in the soft ground

If you have any further questions, please contact us on 01375 464 947


Double Sided, Single Sided