If you want a safe, highly visible, low cost method in advertising your business, then there really is no comparison to magnetic signs that can be used on either a van or a car.  Magnetic signs can be added and removed hundreds of times for any particular occasion that you want to use your van or car for, they are not permanent and can be attached to any magnetic surface. Think about the options when using magnetic signs, i.e. attached to filing cabinets, steel shelving, all vans, taxicabs, cars, buses, lorries or any steel surface.

All of our magnetic signs are designed to withstand speeds of up to 70mph and therefore can be used on motorways when they have been attached in the correct manner.

We also make sure that all magnetic signs that are distributed by our warehouse have been correctly laminated to withstand the most ardent of weather conditions, as well as physical contact with other cars and or scratching.

Contact us directly on 01375 464 947 today to find more information about our magnetic signs or email sales@signandprints.co.uk for any other questions. If you ready to order then, click on the image below;